McKesson RxO: Diminish complexity, reduce cost, and capture revenue for your pharmacy

One comprehensive data set that connects pharmacy, purchasing, clinical and finance systems.


    McKesson RxO

    Watch to learn how McKesson RxO can help you achieve meaningful impact—for your patients, your pharmacy and health system.

Pharmacy Management Tools Designed for You

  • Easily understand your drug spend and increase control over your bottom line
  • Conduct day-to-day operations to support the health of your business
  • Discover new opportunities to increase your revenue
  • Advanced technology designed by and for health system pharmacists, giving you actionable, data-driven insights to make intelligent, impactful decisions
  • A seamless setup process, with a subscription that gives you access to multiple services
  • Aligned incentives through contingency fees, which means McKesson RxO is invested in your financial success
  • A team of experts that will collaborate with you and deliver tailored, evidenced-based suggestions for improvement

Impact That Counts

  • Save up to 7% of your annual drug spend*
  • Grow your bottom line with time-saving, easy-to-use data tracking and reporting
  • Make data-driven purchasing decisions
  • Share meaningful results with C-suite ready reports

*These results depend on a variety of factors unique to each business and are not a promise or indication of future financial performance for your pharmacy. Data on file.

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